COVID-19 Tasting Room Guidelines

 Thank you for considering a visit to Coeur de Terre’s tasting room located at our estate vineyard.  We are naturally isolated at our vineyard as we are located in the foothills of the Coast Range, 10 minutes outside of McMinnville.  We are implementing strict guidelines to adhere to all government directions and all of our staff has been fully trained on how to safely interact with you to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

We have a full program in place and we have a COVID safety officer always onsite to ensure that we are following these to the finest detail.  We have a full time staff member who’s only job is to clean, disinfect and make sure that everyone is enjoying a safe visit.  The following is a brief outline of the steps we  are taking.  Please visit us and we look forward to seeing you here. 


Physical Distancing and Occupancy Protocols

  • We have complete physical distancing protocols and occupancy, i.e. 6’ between groups of less than 10 people
  • All wine tasting areas accommodate physical distancing that include 6’ markings on floor, no bar seating,  expansive outdoor seating area, and mitigation of traffic bottlenecks by having a separate entrance and exit.
  • We have separate reception station, ordering, and check-out areas that accommodate physical distancing

Infection Prevention Measures

  • Employees will wear cloth face masks at all times when interacting with guests.
  • We have installed hand sanitizers stations throughout the facility and each seating area will have its own hand sanitizer
  • Signs are posted for personal hygiene, e.g. hand washing after handling items touched by customers
  • Tables are set with sanitized glassware once the party’s guests have arrived 
  • Information such as tasting flight menus shared with customer will be single-use.  If anything is reused, it will undergo strict disinfecting protocol between uses.

Operational Measures

  • A COVID-19 safety officer will always be onsite to manage customer flow and monitor physical distancing
  • All employee’s temperatures will be screened at the beginning of the workday and an assessment of COVID-19 symptoms will be completed in compliance with all applicable CDC guidelings.
  • One full-time staff member will be assigned as their only role to clean, disinfect, and monitor tasting room safety.
  • All tasting flights will be served in sanitized carafes that will be poured by guests to minimize cross-contamination and only glassware that has undergone full sanitization will be used.
  • We are changing to appointment only service and will be maintaining a confidential list of people to allow for contact tracing only if needed.

Cleaning and Sanitization Guidelines

  • All contact surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected between each customer/group including all items that customers touch, e.g. menus, bottles, carafes, glasses
  • Wine glasses will not be polished after sanitizing to minimize cross-contamination
  • Dedicated staff will have a schedule and checklist to routinely clean and disinfect all high-frequency touch-points.  This will include disinfecting restroom between every use.

Organizational and Administrative Measures  

  • All workers have undergone education and training on: COVID-19 Risk Factors, Physical Distancing Protocols, Operational Measures, Cleaning and Sanitization Guidelines, and Illness Management
  • We have a complete sick leave policy based on FFCRA guidelines

Personnel Illness Management Guidelines

  • We have implemented a “stay home” policy for employees that are sick or have COVID-19 like symptoms
  • Established a confidential process for employees to report personal illness, contact w/ COVID-19, or contact w/ individuals that have COVID-19 symptoms  
  • Established a process for managing employees with potential COVID-19 exposure or infection
  • Established guidelines for when an employee that has been in “isolation” may return to work

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